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Danielle and Brendon

Our wonderful maid of honor gifted us Melissa's professional photography services for the day of our wedding. Spectacular is the one word that would best Melissa. She arrived early, ready and in a great mood. We didn't have to worry about asking her to take certain photos, she went right along and took pictures of everything in the most amazing and creative ways. Melissa went above and beyond anything we could have expected. During and after the wedding we had guests ask us, "who was/is that photographer? She was/is so nice!." Not only did we get amazing pictures which we will carry on with us forever, we gained a friend. Thank you Melissa again for everything! -Danielle and Brendon Baich

Marilynne and Roger

Melissa is amazing! I am so incredibly grateful that we hired her to be our wedding photographer. She scoped out our church in advance and found multiple interesting spots for photos. This thorough knowledge of the shooting location provided us with outstanding, attractive photos. And she was exceptional in her ability to get all of the different family groups to smile for the camera. Both Roger and I have big families and wanted to have multiple group photos taken before the ceremony. Melissa was the consummate professional; we had 9 separate groups with about 90 folks altogether. Melissa has a great manner and was able to work with us to create fabulous group photos in a relatively short period of time. Melissa’s creativity and enthusiasm provided us with so many wonderful visual memories of our wedding day… Everyone is delighted with the quality and composition of her work. She was also gracious about allowing others to take photos while she was working… And instead of including selected photos as part of our package, Melissa agreed to provide us with a flashdrive of the photos. MELISSA! THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR OUR WEDDING CEREMONY AND CELEBRATION! -Roger and Marilynne Wilander

Laura and Victor

Melissa photographed my friend's wedding. During the wedding I was struck by her professionalism, upbeat attitude, attention to detail, and warmth. I commented afterwards that I had never felt so pretty as I did when Melissa was photographing me. A year later, when I was beginning to put together the details for my destination wedding in Costa Rica, I KNEW I wanted to work with Melissa. We had a small ceremony and spent five days with our families and friends in Playa Samara. Melissa traveled with us a photographed EVERY DAY. It was amazing. Mother-in-law ziplining through the jungle? Got it. Going over my vows with my best friend before the ceremony? Got it. Running down the beach in the rain in my huge wedding dress? Got that too. The photos are absolutely amazing and catch the spirit and joy of the event. Melissa went from photographing 15 people at the wedding to photographing 100 people at our reception at our home in Los Angeles with ease. She has an eye for details and candid moments, like a stolen kiss or my friend's baby playing with our puppy. She is not just taking pictures, but capturing the day with a documentarian's eye. Melissa is an absolute joy. She is serious about her work, and has a sweet, approachable presence. She was a great communicator and was FANTASTIC about checking in with me before shoots. Creativity oozes from her, and she is a natural collaborator. I would work with Melissa again in a heartbeat. I love my life through her lens. -Laura

Alex and Scott

Melissa photographed my wedding in January and my reception in May. And did my engagement photos. I was introduced to her by my maid of honor - and now i can't imagine what my "bridal experience" would have been like without her!!! She is very mellow and flexible and classy and a photographic genius. All at the same time. I get nervous about having my pictures taken, and I was nervous on all three occasions, but every time Melissa put my nerves at ease with her awesome personality and style - she captures the moment without ever invading it. Priceless!!!! -Alex

Kristin and Ethan

When looking through Melissa's photographs - what stood out to me was how the life within them popped out! Rather than something set-up, they were real people...which is exactly why I had her photograph my wedding. Not only is she fully professional, but she blends in and also makes people feel completely at ease. Sure to get photos on your list, and also add in her many creative perspectives and ideas. Not only do did she capture the tender moments between my husband and I - but she was able to really document our friends, family, and what the day felt like. As the whir of the wedding day came and went - every time I look at the photos Melissa took I remember the many, many people and feelings of the day...and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend her skills and creativity! -Kristin

Audrey and David

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have Melissa photograph our August 2012 wedding in So California. Prior to the wedding we didn't have a chance to meet Melissa face to face as we live in Kobe Japan. Our only communication was via email. We decided to use Melissa based upon a recommendation from our wedding planner and Melissa's website. We were extremely impressed with her website and the unique eye she had in capturing the heart of the moment. We met Melissa on the day of the wedding and although we had only emailed a few times prior we immediately felt at ease with her. She jumped right into the day and it quickly felt like she belonged. She was extremely easy to talk to and so professional amidst a few crazy moments. At one point during the day I realized my sister was giving Melissa "pointers" on what shots she should take and Melissa took it completely in stride. She wasn't offended or rude to my sister but managed to diffuse the "too many cooks in the kitchen" situation easily and without incident. Throughout the day it was such a blessing to have Melissa at our wedding. She captured the day with such a unique and truly beautiful eye. She began the day as our wedding photographer and yet ended it as my friend. I couldn't have imagined my wedding day any differently than it turned out and M Kobe Photography captured it perfectly. We love our wedding photos and the very personal and professional touch she created in capturing our special day. We now have the memories of that day for life! -Audrey

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